Fundraiser Ideas



Offer incentives for people in your network to join your event such as a photograph you took, a bottle of wine or an experience you set up such as a kick-off party.


Spare Change Jar

Place an empty jar with a label at your place of employment, asking others to donate their spare change.


Game Night

Host a game night at your place and invite your friends to participate by making a donation to PHS. Offer a portion of the donation as a prize to incentivize their support.


Yard Sale

Host a yard sale and ask your friends to bring over unwanted items to sell for the cause. Don't forget to tell the buyers that their dollars are going to support PHS.


Silent Auction

Ask for donations to the auction and then host a silent auction where all the proceeds are donated to the animals.


Movie Night

Set up a movie night for your friends, make some popcorn and ask them to donate to the animals.


House Party/Dinner Party/BBQ/Wine Tasting

Host a party of any sort (think up fun themes!), invite your friends and ask for a donation to help the animals.


Milestone Incentives

Host a party for those people on your team who have reached a certain fundraising level to incentivize their support or offer various milestone incentives when they reach certain levels such as gift cards, bottles of wine, etc.


Restaurant Charity Night

Reach out to a local restaurant and ask them to host a charity night for PHS.


Bake Sale

Love to bake? Whip up some delicious treats for the cause and sell them to your friends.


Book Sale

Gather up used books from your friends and family and then host a weekend book sale with proceeds going to PHS.


Business Sponsors

Ask a local business to sponsor you.


Matching Gifts

Offer to match any gifts to your team for a day and see a spike in donations. You can always cap the match by saying "I will match any gifts to the team today up to $____" so that you are comfortable with the donation amount.


Birthday Donations

Ask for donations for the cause instead of gifts for your birthday this year.

Reasons to DIY Fundraise


Our adoption counselors help homeless animals find caring homes.


We offer a low cost spay/neuter clinic to help control pet overpopulation.


We educate our community in proper pet care and humane treatment of animals.

Pet Services

We offer boarding, pet supplies, training classes, licensing and behavior advice.


We rehabilitate wildlife and educate residents on how to humanely co-exist with urban wildlife.